Coaching packages

Intro— 12 weeks of one-on-one coaching with Sofia. This is a good starter package for people who are new to coaching. Clients who do not live in the Philadelphia area may opt for remote coaching.

6 Months— Perfect for people who are looking for significant change and show a strong commitment to their transformation. This package allows for more in-depth exploration and experimentation in a one-on-one setting.

1 Year Intensive— Experiential coaching. This is a deep dive into your world. We use your entire environment for your growth, going far beyond the scope of weekly sessions. Powerful imagination required.

Apprenticeship— Learn to do what I do. From limbic regulation to interaction design, train with me to engage the esoteric in everyday life and relationships.

Corporate— For ride or die teams who are not afraid to get their hands dirty in a connected mess of human relationships. Instead of wondering how to handle interpersonal challenges without getting fired, you’ll be powered by the trust you’ve built within your group. Includes taboo topics typically off the table or muddled in PC culture in a #metoo world.

Interaction design

The experiential arm of coaching, interaction design gives clients an opportunity to fully immerse in a connection-based environment. Past designs include:

Down the Rabbit Hole: Scavenger hunt in Chelsea Market and the High Line i New York City. Players accumulated points based on how connectable and creative they were.

Orgasmic Dinner Party: Eight course chef’s tasting menu with content for each stage of Orgasm. Yes… there are 8!

The Hero’s Journey; finding visceral sensation in the quietest of places through sensory deprivation and ceremony.

Summer retreats; walking meditation, sensate practice

Small exercises; masculine-feminine communication