Coaching & You

Good coaching means we place quality attention on an area of your life long enough to create change. Again, we start with your desire. Desire remains one of the most difficult forces to work with because it shows up in the most intimate parts of life and it disrupts those parts. I like to call this aspect of desire “intelligent disruption”, but you may know it as chaos. When you can be intimate with your own unique brand of chaos, your attention becomes more potent— the quality of your attention determines the quality of your life.

Your desire may sometimes feel exhilarating, and it may sometimes feel pitted against what you think is appropriate, allowed, deserved or even possible. I tailor my approach to your specific situation, and my approach is personal and real. You as a successful client take what we discuss in coaching sessions and apply it to your daily life. I will give you occasional homework and readings to further deepen your understanding of what we work on, but ultimately your growth—and desire— is yours to support.

That said, if you want a “sage on stage” experience, you won’t find it here. Instead of stringing you along to The Next Big Thing, I’m invested in teaching you how to work with desire and all it brings as part of my purpose.