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Power is like gravity.

Luminary. Muse. Courtesan. Witch.

What do these titles all have in common? In order from the most culturally exalted to the most culturally degraded, they exemplify women with power. Not worldly power, or power over others, but an inner authority that buffers against the prevailing viewpoints outside of us. This kind of power effortlessly and naturally absorbs like gravity.

A woman embodying her power becomes stronger as she matures, meaning she becomes more supple, soft and radiant. To the degree she cultivates it, power ensures her relevance no matter what age. Which brings me to you. 

It's not an accident that you've landed here. No matter what your circumstances look like, you likely want the sensation of being alive and fully engaged. Your desire is bedrock to this experience and why start there. What do you want?


Coaching & You

Good coaching means we place quality attention on an area of your life long enough to create change. Again, we start with your desire. Desire remains one of the most difficult forces to work with because it shows up in the most intimate parts of life and it disrupts those parts. I like to call this aspect of desire “intelligent disruption”, but you may know it as chaos. When you can be intimate with your own unique brand of chaos, your attention becomes more potent— the quality of your attention determines the quality of your life.

Your desire may sometimes feel exhilarating, and it may sometimes feel pitted against what you think is appropriate, allowed, deserved or even possible. I tailor my approach to your specific situation, and my approach is personal and real. You as a successful client take what we discuss in coaching sessions and apply it to your daily life. I will give you occasional homework and readings to further deepen your understanding of what we work on, but ultimately your growth—and desire— is yours to support.

That said, if you want a “sage on stage” experience, you won’t find it here. Instead of stringing you along to The Next Big Thing, I’m invested in teaching you how to work with desire and all it brings as part of my purpose.


Working with Sofia was a life-changing experience.

We addressed issues like family dynamics, boundaries in finance and relationships, and identifying the deeper needs my goals revealed. It seems impossible to shock her.

I came away with a much deeper understanding of male-female dynamics, of power play within relationships, and how to claim my own power as a woman in relationships, in my career, and in all other aspects of my life.

As a result of the work we did, I feel more secure in who I am, my relationships are more stable and I am making more money with more opportunities. I feel that I have the intuition, power, and strength to carry me through any situation in life, and that no matter what others do, I choose to make my life an incredible one.

If you are ready to take your intuition, relationships, career and personal power to the next level, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Sofia!
— Erin L, Fine Artist, Gallery Owner, and Entrepreneur
Before working with Sofia I didn’t really know what I wanted, and I was terrified to look. I’ve always felt foggy around my desires but working with Sofia gave me A LOT of new language and the tools to see and make decisions about my relationships and career without getting pulled down by my fears.
— Mel Heaney, Math Teacher
Ninja coach, this one is. I’ve always somehow managed to anger women in my life. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing that aggravated my romantic partners was, even when they told me. In one session— actually, like two sentences— Sofia pointed out an old assumption I had about myself in relation to women. It was a 180 change for me— my girlfriend was REALLY happy about it!
— Jim Cousins, Engineer and Entrepreneur
Sofia is one of the most insightful, feminine people I know. Time and time again she helps me get in touch with the subtle places of my mind where I forget to look, or sometimes I forget about altogether. It’s like learning to live in a world that no one else really even knows is there, except maybe artists and sages and very sensitive people. I have learned to feel at a level beyond what I even knew was possible, and that skill alone has transformed all of my relationships and my work life.
— Henry Lyons, Lawyer and Father of Four



Coaching packages

Intro— 12 weeks of one-on-one coaching with Sofia. This is a good starter package for people who are new to coaching. Clients who do not live in the Philadelphia area may opt for remote coaching.

6 Months— Perfect for people who are looking for significant change and show a strong commitment to their transformation. This package allows for more in-depth exploration and experimentation in a one-on-one setting.

1 Year Intensive— Experiential coaching. This is a deep dive into your world. We use your entire environment for your growth, going far beyond the scope of weekly sessions. Powerful imagination required.

Apprenticeship— Learn to do what I do. From limbic regulation to interaction design, train with me to engage the esoteric in everyday life and relationships.

Corporate— For ride or die teams who are not afraid to get their hands dirty in a connected mess of human relationships. Instead of wondering how to handle interpersonal challenges without getting fired, you’ll be powered by the trust you’ve built within your group. Includes taboo topics typically off the table or muddled in PC culture in a #metoo world.

Interaction design

The experiential arm of coaching, interaction design gives clients an opportunity to fully immerse in a connection-based environment. Past designs include:

Down the Rabbit Hole: Scavenger hunt in Chelsea Market and the High Line i New York City. Players accumulated points based on how connectable and creative they were.

Orgasmic Dinner Party: Eight course chef’s tasting menu with content for each stage of Orgasm. Yes… there are 8!

The Hero’s Journey; finding visceral sensation in the quietest of places through sensory deprivation and ceremony.

Summer retreats; walking meditation, sensate practice

Small exercises; masculine-feminine communication


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